Go from Good to Great with Critical Thinking Skills

Webinar-August 5, 2020-12pm EDT (from ESOMAR, MRII, the University of Georgia and CRIC)

Join Susan Frede of Frede Research LLC and Aimpoint Research on August 5th at 12 p.m. EDT for a free virtual presentation on critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a soft skill that can give researchers a leg up by driving thinking to be more disciplined and active. Strong critical thinking skills can help throughout the research process, from defining the problem to the presentation of the results.

In this webinar, Susan will define critical thinking and discuss the following:

  • Activities involved in critical thinking
  • The gap between employers’ and students’ perceptions of critical thinking
  • Techniques to develop the necessary critical-thinking skills

Theory and Back Again: A Researcher’s Tale

Webinar-July 8, 2020-12pm EDT (from ESOMAR, MRII, the University of Georgia and CRIC)

Join Zontziry “Z” Johnson of Zappi on July 8th at 12 p.m. EDT for a free virtual presentation on the market research process and how it drives business decisions. Theoretically, market research is a core set of steps that works in conjunction with the rest of an organization’s efforts to drive business decisions using data. Realistically, that’s not always how it happens. Or is it?

In this webinar, Zontziry will cover the following topics:

  • Reviewing the ideal market research process
  • Customer input as a source of data
  • Feeding business decisions
  • Theory vs. reality

Turbo Charging Growth in Challenging Times

Webinar-June 9, 2020-12pm EDT (from ESOMAR, MRII, the University of Georgia and CRIC)

Join Zoë Dowling, Ph.D., of FocusVision for a free virtual presentation on emerging methods and the future of market research. Many elements impact how market research is designed and conducted. These include evolving technological, social, scientific, economic, and cultural forces. In this webinar, Zoë will discuss the broader landscape changes that impact how we conduct market research and explore what it means for mainstream methodologies as well as emerging approaches.

Topics will include:

  • Technological, cultural and business trends impacting market research
  • Agile research as an emerging methodology
  • The growth of mobile ethnographies and online focus groups

AI & Data Analytics during the Pandemic

Virtual Panel-June 5, 2020-12pm-1pm EDT

CRIC’s AI and Data Analytics Thought Leadership Council will explore how the use of AI and Data Analytics have been impacted by COVID-19.

How Qualitative Research is Adapting to the Pandemic

Virtual Panel-May 27, 2020 1:30pm-2:30pm EDT

Join members of CRIC’s Qualitative Research Thought Leadership Council for an interactive, virtual panel that explores how Canadian qualitative researchers are adapting to the impact of COVID-19.

Driver Analysis as a Gateway to Advanced Analytics (View Recording)

Webinar-May 20, 2020-12pm EDT (from ESOMAR, MRII and the University of Georgia)

Join Jeffrey Henning of the MRII and Keith Chrzan of Sawtooth Software for this how-to session, which will start with a simple example of how to do a basic driver analysis and will then introduce advanced analytics that can make it more powerful.

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